Different weapons do different amounts of damage like a sledge hammers, fire axes and samurai swords do the most damage while other low-tier weapons such as nightsticks and baseball bats do less damage, but melees are not the only weapon in the game, the Crafting Dead mod offers a vast array of lethal guns to the table, because hey, who wants a zombie game with no guns, right?

Some more of said melee weapons are:

Hatchet - A low durability weapon that lays waste upon zombies, a swift 2 shots will send a zombie on the ground, dead as hell.

Lets move in to some of the guns.

AS50 is a one shot kill no matter what distance you are from the target and because of this is the rarest of the guns or weapon and is most commonly found in supply drops, or you can get one by buying one at a shop, the downfall to this gun is that you cannot suppress it, so firing it without reason is very stupid, as it will attract hordes of zombies.

M9: a small and low damage pistol that you should only use as a backup weapon, unless of course that is your main weapon.

M240: a gun with a lot of firepower so you can unload upon your enemies a 150 round clip rain of death. On a near range target and get an almost-definite kill, spraying at a medium-long range is not the best idea. Also be sure to suppress the gun otherwise you'll spend through all of your rounds in a matter of seconds.


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