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The Crafting Dead mod is a mod based on the television series 'The Walking Dead' so the mod is a survival with zombies.

Enjoy the mod!

How can i play it? Edit

You have to start your Techinc Launcher and Search: Official The Crafting Dead. Then you have to download it and play it!

Info about the mod Edit

The mod have multiplayer and there are a lot of servers (11) with differents maps.

The mod can be played in single player or with friends in local but you have to set world generation on: Crafting Dead

The mod have special inventory hud, guns ,clothes ,backpacks ,blue prints ,weapons ,zombies ,builds (in the servers), food, drinks, tools, blocks.

The mod uses Minecraft 1.6.4

The mod is still updating

The mod doesn't support any translation.

The creator of the mod is f3rullo14

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