Note to readers: this is a very rough outline. Just trying to get something down so new players looking for help aren't completely lost. The loot types next to the items are general ideas of where they are commonly located, not definitive margins.

Blood Overview:

When zombies hit you, you have a 65% chance to start bleeding (armor reduces the chance). Red particles will appear around your player as you slowly lose health. Clean Rags, Bandages, and Med-Packs can be used to stop bleeding. Bandages, Med-Packs, and Blood Bags restore health when used.

Broken Bones Overview:

If you fall and take fall damage, u have a chance to break your leg. There is no fixed amount at what height level will guarantee a broken leg. Falling anywhere from 4 blocks to the point of death can cause broken legs. If this occurs, you will be slowed severely until you fix it. Morphine and makeshift splints fix broken bones.

Medical Loot:

There are currently 12 items classified as "Medical Items" They are;

Crafting: Edit

Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
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