Note: This page discusses survival only, which is not the intended platform for this mod. Most of the topics mentioned here are irrelevant to playing the mod on one of the official servers. Edit

Single Player CD Tips, Tricks, and Exploits Edit

I, _Vargas_ (not from Reddit, just my MC name) share some of the tips and tricks I've found while playing CD over the last few months. More updates are always coming!

I'm not affiliated with the making of the game, I'm just a fan. If you have any questions, post 'em and I'll answer to the best of my ability!

The next project will be: The End!

String, Bows, Fishing Rods, and Beds Edit

Cobwebs can be found underground near cave spider spawers and abandoned mine shafts. You can use the string to make wool, fishing rods, and bows. Beds can be made as well.

The Nether Edit

Your water and blood don't drain in the Nether and if you break your leg, you will be healed within a few seconds. If you use the 'C' key to put a weapon on your back, it will disappear, and if you go to the Nether with a backpack, tactical vest, or gun bag, they will disappear as well.

The best thing about the Nether is that Nether Fortresses still spawn. Wither skeletons will spawn as well, but if you try to pick up their skulls to make a wither, they will disappear. Blaze spawners still spawn as well which means you can make yourself a blaze grinder to get rods for smelting which is a lot easier than mining for coal, although, blaze rods will only smelt 12 blocks per rod. Also, without sticky pistons, the grinder can be hard to make, but with a little bit of redstone modification, I managed to build a decent one off of Etho's design from a few years back.

Ghasts are great ways to get gunpowder, although the ghast tears won't help you much because after brewing a potion, putting it into your inventory will destroy it.

Zombie Pigmen can be great for getting gold to decorate your base with, but you can't craft golden apples.

Your humanity will reset when you enter the Nethfuckfuckfucjufucjkfdyfuck fucker and you will lose any armor you have acquired.

Food and Water Edit

The best thing you can do to keep from going hungry is cook up some pork. When you first start a world, your diet will probably be filled with rotten flesh and wheat. You can grow wheat by destroying tall grass and planting it. When you get to the Nether, you can find a Nether Fortress and hunt down some skeletons for bonemeal as well. Get yourself well equipped with a samurai sword, sledge hammer, bat with a nail, bowie knife, or fireman's axe (all of which are OHKOs on pigs) and get yourself some pork. Don't forget some large backpacks, pumpkins, iron blocks, and a diamond sword to get out of a sticky situation. Iron golems OHKO zombies so you can take care of dinner! Once you're back home, smelt up some pork with coal, lava, or blaze rods from your farm and you'll be set for while!

Melon seeds can be found in abandoned mine shafts!

Raid some loot until you find five or six water canteens. These are by far the best way of quenching your thirst. Keep a few on you, at home, and any secondary location like a building site, bottom of a mine, or anything like that. Also, keep a bucket of water with you so you can refill your canteens easily on the go. Cauldrons make for nice decorations but even with the amount of iron that's easily available to you, they aren't practical as you can't drink from them.

Golems Edit

Iron golem are retarded

Weapons Edit

Spawning and Death Edit

In vanilla Minecraft, your original spawn when your world is generated won't change unless you type in a command to change it yourself. Beds will change it until they are obstructed, but your true spawn-point will always be a certain set of coordinates. In CD however, your spawn will change slightly after a death. I've found that it only spawns you a few blocks away (maybe 100ish maximum) but it's good to keep this in mind if you plan on building a base at spawn. It doesn't look like CD spawns you a certain distance away from placed blocks though, and there doesn't seem to be a trend in how far away it spawns you from your last spawn point.

Multiple corpses of a singl player can be saved, so if you die and then find some great loot on your way back to your base and die again, you'll still have access to both corpses. Although I'm not sure about corpses despawning in loaded chunks, you can left click them until they go away. Backpacks, tactical vests, and guns on your back will drop outside of your corpse and they have a despawning time of five minutes, so don't think you're completely off the hook in case you die.

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